Modular CNC Vacuum Tables offers the ultimate part holding solution. CNC systems paired with vacuum hold down ensures a repeatable cutting process with superior accuracy, making it ideal for any precision machining task. The powerful system offers unparalleled control and will ensure consistently perfect results. No screws, no tape, no cutting clamps and ruining bits. Vacuum hold down is typically only seen on larger industrial machines. 

The plenum tables are made from a non-porous material which prevents air leaks. Once the plenum is gasketed, that creates an air-tight seal. All Star CNC Tile Gasket is used on top of the spoilboard to seal off 85%, providing unparalleled vacuum clamping and part holding. You can choose to include an MDF spoilboard, which will come edgebanded & surfaced on both sides, saving you time. For best results, you should tram your spindle and slightly surface the MDF again prior to adhering the Tile Gasket. This will ensure your entire MDF spoilboard is co-planer to your spindle and your Z-Height remains the same across the entire work surface. 

The 32x32" Kit is designed to be comprised of two smaller 16x32" tables, unlike the single-piece 24x24" kit. Not only do you get increased work space, you also gain the ability to use a zone-valve, which allows increased vacuum to a single 16x32" zone. This is especially helpful if you're often doing small parts that fit within that sized zone. 

Each 32x32" Kit Includes: 

- (2) 16x32" Plenum Tables
- Grid Gasket
- Tile Gasket 
- PVC Pipe Connections
- Zone Valve to isolate one table when more suction is needed (optional)
- (2) 16x32"MDF Spoilboards edgebanded & surfaced on both sides (optional)

Not Included:

- Fein Turbo Vac
- Hardware (screws) to mount the plenum table & Spoilboard
- Surfacing bit to surface the Spoilboard
- 1.5" PVC Pipe * (Note that extra fitting may be required for the zone valve)
- Tape or Silicone Caulk to seal the PVC Connections

*** Click Here to Order the Fein Turbo Vac ***

The Fein Turbo Vac is designed with an external cooling fan for the motor to prevent overheating while under vacuum pressure. Fein recommends the use of the Turbo II in extensive use applications. If you are going to use vacuum for an extended period of time (several hours continuously) - order the Turbo II. Use of your own shopvac could result in irreparable damage. 

Tile Gasket is a consumable product, please be cautious when setting your Z-Height. Set Z-Height to cut 0.02-0.03" into the gasket. The best practice is to surface the MDF spoilboard after affixing it to the plenum & BEFORE adding the tile gasket. This product is made to order, refunds are not accepted. Sizes are approximate. Email Cody@Meyerwoodworks.com for questions. 

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